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What we offer?

Patriot.Legal accompanies the process of increasing the share capital by any of the selected options: either through retained earnings of the company (does not provide for additional contributions), or through additional contributions. The decision of the general meeting of participants on changing the amount of the charter capital of the company may be adopted with the consent of three-quarters of all participants of the company who have the right to vote on the relevant issue.

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    Our Cooperation Mechanism:

    Checking the documents received from a Client
    Drafting of documents for the registration of change in the amount of the charter capital of the Company
    • Revised edition of the Charter of the Company
    • Minutes of the general meeting of the shareholders of the Company
    • Company Corporate Rights Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Property Delivery and Valuation Certificate
    • Power of attorney for the performance of specific actions
    • Application for the registration of changes in the state register
    Signing and notarizing of the documents
    Payment of the state duty
    Filing the documents with the state registrar
    Receipt of an exce rpt and an inventory afer the state registraton
    Cost of the Service:

    • Notarization of the charter: UAH 500
    • Notarization of the minutes of the general meeting: UAH 500
    • Payment of the state registration fee: UAH 700
    • Drafting of a complete set of documents: UAH 3,000

    Additional services:

    • Notarization of the signature of a shareholder of the company (more than one signature): UAH 250
    • Notarization of an additional set of documents: UAH 1,000