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What we offer?

Patriot.Legal protects the intellectual property (IP) rights of high-margin businesses, where the IP is a strategic asset. We support around 450 IP projects annually in the IT, arts, engineering, science and creative industries. In complex tasks ranging from trademark registration to diversified brand portfolio management and IP litigation, we strive to protect the rights effectively, prevent or contribute to compensation for losses of misappropriation of intellectual property.


Registration IP

Protected IP rights, trademarks and copyrights, create a valuable intangible asset and allow to develop a long-term business strategy.

Inclusion of IP objects in the customs register

Registering the IP rights within customs authorities is one of the most efficient tools for anti-counterfeiting. If your business is related to the products with the highest demand on holidays or the products that are often counterfeit, beforehand registration within customs authorities can prevent financial losses.

IP protection in courts

IP litigation requires judges, experts, and parties to obtain not only legal knowledge but technical, technological, commercial and other expertise essential for evaluating and understanding the matter of dispute. Patriot.Legal supports 450 IP projects and over 100 litigations annually as well as possesses specific knowledge of IP litigation.

Annexes registration

Sale, purchase, transfer, and use of intellectual property requires signing and registering of license agreements, rights transfer agreements, assignment agreements. License agreements have a number of features, particularly when it comes to cross-border license agreements. Proper legal development and registration of these agreements are crucial for protecting alienated intangible assets.

Protecting the Rights of TM

Advising on the most efficient TM and patent protection strategies is a valuable tool to prevent potential IP violations, patent trolling and other fraudulent actions of IP infringers. Patriot.Legal lawyers provide in-depth expertise able to develop and implement effective trademark and patent protection measures as well as to minimize the IP litigation risks.

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    Intellectual property

    As practice shows, protection of intellectual property is essential in many cases. There are many nuances in this sphere of law. Only thorough knowledge of all points allows effective protecting of the client’s interests. We have a group of lawyers specializing in this area in our company. They are able to provide expert support on a range of issues in the field of intellectual property, defending the client’s interests in all instances. Experienced specialists will ensure the protection of intellectual property at a decent level, regardless of the complexity of the task. We can ensure your trademark right and will make a favourable license agreement. Our staff will prepare a documentation package necessary for patenting of invention. We often have to deal with protection of copyright law in a variety of spheres. These are not only book-writings, but also various computer programs and musical works. Our clients also require protection of intellectual property rights in the field of fine art and photography. If necessary, an independent expert evaluation involving recognized authorities in this field is conducted. Here are the main highlights of our activities in this area:

    • provide detailed consulting services on registration of intellectual property, alienation of rights for objects of intellectual property, licensing and unfair competition protection;
    • provide protection in cases of unfair competition;
    • representation of client’s interests in negotiations related to intellectual property;
    • accompany the client’s intellectual property deals;
    • prepare documents for registration and accompany the registration of trademarks for goods and services, trade names, patents and inventions, industrial designs;
    • prepare and register license contracts concerning the acquisition or disposition of intellectual property;
    • registration of copyright;
    • our experts skilfully defend the use of intellectual property rights on the Internet;
    • we have significant experience in performing monitoring activities related to the activities of the competitors of our clients;
    • we develop a set of measures related to the protection of trade secrets.

    Each measure in this sphere of law has one goal — to enable our customers to freely use their rights. Our activities are also aimed at the prohibition of misuse of rights by third parties. At the preliminary stage of work, we develop the strategy in accordance with the foregoing customer information and provided documents. We always choose the most efficient way, that allows achieving the solution of the problem fast and for sure.