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What we offer?

Patriot.Legal provides services of judicial representation of business both in Ukraine and in foreign jurisdictions. We develop legal position and strategy of representation in court, prepare and submit a claim and represent the client in the court of first instance. We have many years of experience in successfully representing Ukrainian and international business interests in court disputes. Our team of experienced lawyers and attorneys provides litigation protection to companies in various economic spheres, in particular in the renewable energy, agricultural, transport and logistics sectors. Over 250 national and international clients trust Patriot.Legal’s litigation experience. We always find effective solutions in disputes with counterparties, government authorities and in alternative dispute resolution. Our role in litigation:

  1. Pre-court dispute settlement
  2. In-depth case study, development of legal position, building evidence, assessment of litigation prospects
  3. Development of court strategy, drafting and filing the claim
  4. Court representation
  5. Drafting of procedural documents
  6. Filing appeals and cassation (if necessary)
  7. Enforcement


Step 1

Case study, assessment of litigation prospects

Step 2

Development of court strategyand court representation, drafting and filing the claim

Step 3

Representing the Client in the court of first instance *Representing the Client in the court of appeal (50%of legal fees charged for representing the Client in the court of first instance provided that Patriot.Legalacted as legal counsel in the court of first instance **Representing the Client in the court of cassation (50%of legal fees charged for representing the Client in the court of first instance provided that Patriot.Legalacted as legal counsel in the court of first instance)

Step 4

Enforcement proceedings

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    Court practice

    We will conduct a thorough legal analysis of the dispute, define the legal stance on the case, represent the client’s interests in court, and after that effectively enforce a court decision. We also have to protect our customers from undue pressure from various government bodies quite often. Legal protection of qualified specialists of Patriot Law Firm, each of which is a practicing lawyer with significant experience, is guaranteed whatever the circumstances. The unique combination of years of experience of clients’ cases positive resolution in courts of all instances and in-depth knowledge in all areas of law enables lawyers of our firm to achieve the best result for the client in court. As a rule, Kiev offers the services of a lawyer in different spheres. Our company is no exception. We effectively protect the civil rights of our clients and skilfully defend their interests and freedom. Many controversial situations cannot be resolved without the intervention of the judiciary. Our experts are always ready for such course of events. Lawyer services in court provided by our company are able to maximize the chances of winning the case. Help in any situation In our practice, we often have cases when professional help is needed almost immediately. A dedicated expert of our company will always respond to an emergency call due to the current sticky situation that happened in everyday life. This may be taking in custody, an unexpected search. Some accidents, which our customers are involved to, also demand the immediate intervention of professionals. We guarantee that the services of a professional lawyer, provided by our company will always help in seemingly hopeless situation. Do not panic in case of any unpleasant unforeseen situation. Remember that there are professionals who are always ready to come to assistance. Do not give up.  Justice exists, and we will prove it to you in practice. An extensive list of services provided The structure of our company is designed in such a way that it has a division of specialists working in different law spheres. Far too often we have to conduct various court cases comprehensively. High efficiency is proven by rich practice worked out during the years of existence of the company. Significant experience in settling of document is developed. These are contracts with legal persons and marital agreement, qualified claim preparation and legal evaluation of client-provided documents. Due to the growing popularity of the company, we have developed a system of legal subscription services. It allows our committed partners, business entities, to save money. The lawyer services are able to resist the illegal working methods of some representatives of public authorities effectively. Time after time, we successfully defended the interests of our clients in complex tax disputes. Our experts accompany our clients during the deal-making process and help in settling of legally competent contracts and agreements. Order our services of lawyer in court and lawyers of Patriot Law Firm will prove in practice that nothing is impossible!