Drafting of service documents

We provide qualified assistance in drafting procedural documents

Drafting of service documents

To apply to the court or some other state authority, the person has to settle the documents. Moreover, to settle them properly, in strict accordance with legal requirements. Otherwise, the court (or other authority) may leave a complaint, lawsuit or other demands without consideration, and the case — without a movement.

In addition, the content of a document depends on the scope of the rights and obligations of the individual citizen. Therefore, you should not be presumptuous and attempt to compile it (the document) by yourself.

Drafting complaints for court and other legal documents in strict accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation is the prerogative of our experienced and qualified lawyers. You need special knowledge and skills there. It is the only way to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the citizen. Our experts are always ready to provide assistance to people (as well as legal entities) in resolving such issues.

Categories of legal documents

It is well known that all legal documents can be divided into several categories:

  1. External, outgoing. These documents are sent to state agencies, any organization, contractors and individuals. This category traditionally includes various letters, notices, claims, complaints and counter-arguments. This includes civil law contracts, business contracts and agreements.
  2. Internal. Employment contracts, instructions, orders, protocols, administrative orders, statements etc. They are settled within a framework of clerical correspondence of a specific company and relate to employees of a certain company as well.
  3. Constituent. Charter protocols, protocols on the establishment of firms, regulations, orders and other documents necessary for the establishment and registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The help of an experienced lawyer is especially necessary in their compilation to avoid troubles in future activities.
  4. Procedure. The documents required for judicial processes:
  • a variety of claims;
  • counter-arguments;
  • statements of defence;
  • petitions;
  • statements of case;
  • complaints (appellate, cassation);
  • drafts of settlement agreements, etc.

And here legal support is especially necessary. In particular, assistance in drafting of complaints. After all, sometimes much depends on how professional one or another document is compiled. A person can not and should not take such responsibility. He needs professional help of a lawyer in court.

Any compilation of documents (claim, petition, complaint, etc.) involves the participation of a specialist. A person cannot know all the laws (and furthermore, all changes and additions to them) enough to strictly adhere with the requirements. Nevertheless, going to court, everyone expects to protect his own rights and interests. That means one needs to involve really experienced and qualified lawyers to compile the necessary documents to carry your point.

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