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What we offer?

Patriot.Legal has in-depth expertise in registering of non-profit organizations according to the Ukrainian legislation. Patriot.Legal ensures the timely development of registration documents, submits an application for non-profit status, performs registration within state authorities and controls the organization’s listing in the Register of non-profit institutions and organizations. About 10% of annual registration requests, received by Patriot.Legal lawyers are about non-profit organizations.


Charitable foundations

Patriot.Legal provides timely registration services for charitable organizations in the form of charitable companies or charitable foundations.

Public organizations

Patriot.Legal provides support to clients during all stages of NGO’s registration, including the charter development, constituent assembly conduction, preparation of the documents required to register the company and obtain the certificate of registration.


Patriot.Legal advises founders on a registration procedure, including applying for a reservation of the legal entity name, constituent assembly conduction, notarizing signatures, preparing documents for the state registrar, registering with statistics authorities and the State Fiscal Service as well as opening bank accounts.


Patriot.Legal applies a well-established registration algorithm to register associations (contractual organizations that coordinates production, management and other functions of several businesses).


The difficulty of registering print media is a part of the Press Freedom Index. Patriot.Legal ensures the timely accomplishment of all registration stages from general meeting protocol development to the registration of the entity with the State Register of Publishers.

Political parties

Patriot.Legal advises on the establishment as well as registers political parties, providing all the required stages from submitting the documents to registration with the statistics authorities and the State Fiscal Service.

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