LLC registration

Among Ukrainian entrepreneurs, a limited liability company (LLC) is very popular as an organizational and legal form of economic activity. Creating a business in this form has its advantages:

  • First, members/founders are liable for the debts of the company only within the framework of their contributions, personal property is not subject to collection.
  • Second, a sole member can open an LLC. Moreover, one person can be a founder, a director, and an accountant.
  • Third, members are entitled to form the authorized capital, both in cash and in property.
  • Fourth, both individuals and legal entities, including non-residents of Ukraine, are allowed to act as founders.
  • Fifth, all aspects of registration/management/reorganization/liquidation of such entities are clearly regulated by law. On June 17, 2018, Law No. 2275-VIII “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies” entered into force.

Patriot.Legal offers services for the registration of a LLC. Professional legal assistance of specialists with many years of experience in supporting registration procedures allows minimizing the time spent and reducing the personal presence of the client during registration. Services are provided on a turnkey basis, in accordance with the list, which will be previously agreed with the client. The period from signing documents till registration is 24 hours only!

Consulting services for registration of legal entities

Before creating an enterprise, it is necessary to find out a number of aspects that will be of key importance in the future. During a preliminary consultation with a lawyer, a specific list of issues with regards to the authorized capital, constituent documents, names, legal addresses (registration area), taxation system types of economic activity according to the KVED classifier is considered. For example, two organizations with the same name cannot be entered into the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, Public Organizations (USR). The procedure for legalizing entities has its own specifics, where non-residents are present among the founders. The cost of registration in this case will be higher, and the time spent is increased. Specialists of the Patriot.Legal Law Firm under certain circumstances suggest considering an alternative option to starting a business from scratch. We speak about the possibility of buying a ready-made company here. Today, among the business entities put up for sale, you can choose a company in any region and, if necessary, with issued licenses for certain types of activities. The option of buying a ready-made business allows you to save time, not to miss profitable deals, to enter the market as quickly as possible. The experience of our lawyers provides guaranteed legality and transparency in the process of acquiring a business.

Preparation of a package of documents for registration of a LLC

The list of documentation must include a passport, identification code of the founder/founders, as well as the director. Preparation of documents when creating a legal entity involves filling out form No. 1 (standard application form). If your interests are represented before the state registrar (before the notary, in the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services) by a lawyer, a power of attorney should be prepared. Basic documents for opening any legal entity are minutes of the general meeting of members and the charter.

Form No. 1

A registration application, which contains information about the name, location (legal address), amount of the authorized capital, areas of activities, governing bodies and some other data. Such application must contain information about the ultimate beneficial owners (according to the provisions of Law No. 1702-VI “On Preventing and Combating Money Laundering …” dated December 25, 2015).


A standard form document that contains the decision of the founders/members on the creation of an LLC.


A regulatory framework of the business entity. According to Law No. 2275-VIII, the charter includes information on the name, governing bodies, and the procedure for entry/withdrawal of founders/members. Recently, Ukraine abandoned the practice of introducing into the charter information on the size of the authorized capital, legal address, activities, founders.

The procedure for registration of an LLC by the state registrar

  1. Submission of documentation to the state registrar (documents are accepted according to the list, state duty should be paid first).
  2. Consideration of documents within 24 hours.
  3. Entering information about a new business entity in the Unified State Register.

Previously, a registration certificate was issued to businessmen (founders). Now the final stage in the procedure for registration of a business entity is to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register, an access code to the registered charter, and a digital extract. The access code makes it possible to open the relevant pages of the business entity on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Services for registration of an LLC with the tax service

After the introduction of a new legal entity in the Unified State Register, the state registrar sends information to the following authorities within a day:

  • State Statistics Service;
  • Pension Fund;
  • State Fiscal Service (SFS, i.e. the tax authority)

The taxation system is determined even before the first steps are taken to register a business entity. For an LLC, you can choose one of four options:

  1.     General taxation system: 18% of income.
  2.     General system + VAT payer.
  3.     Simplified taxation (single tax) system.
  4.     Single tax payment + VAT.

Services for registration of an LLC by Patriot.Legal include registration as a single tax payer and VAT payer. The deadline for issuing an extract to the business entity from the Single Tax Payers Register is 10 working days. Registration with the tax service also includes the conclusion of an agreement on EDS keys. This is the opportunity to file financial statements electronically. Such reporting is endorsed by electronic digital signature. Clients of our company receive assistance from us in obtaining an electronic digital signature.

Legal entities registration services related to opening a bank account

After opening, a company can start active economic activity only if it has a bank account. A current (settlement) account is used to accumulate funds of a business entity, make cashless payments with counterparties, pay salaries to employees, and pay taxes. Legal support for opening a bank account involves the issuance of two cards with sample signatures and a company seal. Signatures are notarized. When opening an account, the director must be present in person at the bank. Preliminarily, representatives of a banking institution carry out a comprehensive audit of a new business entity, make themselves convinced of its solvency. If necessary, the bank should be provided with certain information upon request. After opening a current account with a bank, a corresponding certificate is issued to the entrepreneur.

Solving an issue with a legal address when registering an LLC

The concept of “legal address” is used in everyday life. In normative legal acts (the Civil Code of Ukraine) the term “location” is used. This is the address of the business entity, which is introduced into the Unified State Register. Due to the difficulties of buying/renting a real office space, the option of determining the legal address at the place of residence of the founder/director is sometimes used. However, we do not recommend using this option for our clients. Representatives of regulatory authorities can come to the indicated address at any time with a check A good alternative is to buy/rent a legal address. But the provision of such services is not always carried out by reliable companies. Some problems may arise in the future. For example, getting the address on the mass registration list or the inability to prolong the lease can block the activity of a business entity. Also, this circumstance becomes the reason for spending additional funds on re-registration. Specialists of the Patriot.Legal Law Firm are ready to assist in acquiring a legal address. The optimal price for our service is combined with the complete reliability of the purchase/rental. The location can be chosen, both in Kyiv, and another city in the country. If necessary, offers are selected with the possibility of a short-term actual rental (for checks, meetings), as well as with full postal service.

Customs accreditation and other related services for LLC registration

If you plan to bring your business to the international market, you should register the company as a subject of foreign economic activity (FEA). This is a customs accreditation procedure. A package of documents for obtaining an account card with a personal numbered seal of the inspector is submitted to the customs authority. In addition to accreditation in the future, it may be necessary to obtain a certificate of conformity of UkrSEPRO and a declaration of conformity (official documents certifying product compliance with quality and safety requirements in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation). In some cases, a EUR 1 certificate is issued, a document that simplifies the export of products of Ukrainian origin to the EU countries. Related services of Patriot.Legal when registering an LLC include:

  • Obtaining licenses (for private security activities, the sale of alcohol, the management of apartment buildings, taxi services, pharmaceutical activities)
  • Protection of intellectual property (trademarks, domain names, software codes, industrial design, information databases)
  • Obtaining permits (to perform construction work, to start operations, to place outdoor advertisements).

You can find out the conditions and cost of our services from consultants by phone! We are waiting for you and are really willing to assist!

Patriot.Legal guides businesses through the whole process of LLC registration, from selection of NACE codes, developing registration documents and determining the taxation form to registering within state authorities, ordering a stamp, receiving EDS keys and opening bank accounts.

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