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What we offer?

Protected IP rights, trademarks and copyrights, create a valuable intangible asset and allow to develop a long-term business strategy.

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    Our cooperation mechanism

    Patent search
    Drafting of an application and signing of documents
    Receipt of the certificate

    Trademark registration all over Ukraine

    If you wish to be recognized in your business niche and gain the trust of your customers, you definitely need to register your trademark. A trademark increases sales conversion and the added value of your product or service. Nowadays, it is very difficult to surprise consumers, and a unique company logo that will distinguish you from other companies represents a huge advantage. Interesting point: “The Coca-Cola logo is worth USD 73,102 million as of 2017.” That is, when you register your own brand you obtain an additional asset whose price increases every year and that increases the recognition of your product or service. Our specialists will help you register your trademark and obtain all the necessary titles of protection.

    Trademark types

    Trademarks may include words (including proper names), letters, numbers, figurative elements, colours, and colour combinations, as well as any combination of elements. Word mark is a mark containing only a word or words, a letter or letters and numbers. Figurative mark is a mark containing any type of graphic image or drawing. Combination marks combine word or words and graphics.

    Our advantages:

    1. Many years of experience in the field of trademark registration.
    2. Professional consultation on the registration, use, and protection of trademarks.
    3. We conduct patent search before registration of a trademark for a comprehensive analysis of the application.
    4. Registration support at all stages: from the application filing date until the date of receipt of the certificate.
    5. 100% result guaranteed.

    We use the same procedure to register international applications and applications from foreign applicants.

    If you order services from us, you will receive:

    1. Impeccable service.
    2. Complete control over the registration of your TM.
    3. 100% result guaranteed.
    4. Availability for consultation 24/7.
    5. Complete analysis of the situation and a unique proposal for the registration, protection, and use of your TM.

    Cost of the Service:

    • Per submission by a single applicant: UAH 1,000 per class
    • Additional submission, per class: UAH 1,000
    • Per submission of an application in the colour form: UAH 500
    • Per publication: UAH 150
    • State duty: UAH 85
    • Patent search: starting at UAH 1500
    • Our remuneration: UAH 3,500