Registration of the company in the USA, Delaware

Price – from 1500 US dollars.

Registration period from 5 days.


– The main two organizational and legal forms: LLC and Corporation

– 21% federal tax (in this case, the federal tax is not paid if: 1) 100% of the owners of the company are not tax residents of the United States; 2) the company has no US presence or economic substance; 3) income is not “effectively connected” with the United States)

– 8.7% state income tax (in this case, the tax is not paid if the company does not do business in the state)

– possible additional local taxes, the amount of which depends on the city of registration of the company

– from $ 175 franchise tax

– tax on withdrawn capital in the amount of 10-30%.

– In Ukraine, when declaring the company’s income, 19.5% tax is paid.

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