Registration of the company in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Recently, has been growing the number of Ukrainian businesses that are expanding their activities to the United Arab Emirates, which attract big business with their activity and zero tax rates.

We provide company registration both on the mainland of the UAE and in one of the free economic zones – IFZA, or offshore zone.

Among the key advantages of registering a company in the UAE are one of the lowest tax burdens in the world, ease of doing business, no registries of recipients, the ability to open accounts in UAE banks, no rules for the capitalization of a company, as well as the ability to obtain resident visas.

Non-residents can register a legal entity of 3 types in the UAE

1. Onshore not within free economic zones.

The share of a non-resident in such a company can be no more than 49%, the remaining 51% are UAE citizens. Such a company is mainly used to provide services in the domestic market of the Emirates.

2. Onshore in free economic zones (of which there are more than 30).

100% of the property of such a company may belong to a non-resident. A registered company in a free economic zone has the right to conduct business only within the free economic zone or outside the UAE.

3. Offshore in free economic zones.

This company is allowed to own 100% of non-residents, and there are no requirements for reporting or renting an office. However, companies will not be able to take advantage of the avoidance of double taxation.

The tax burden:

5% – value added tax;

0% – corporate tax;

0% – tax on dividends;

0% – capital repatriation tax

0% – capital gains tax

0% – personal income tax;

0% – re-export tax


Registration cost from 7000 $

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