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Professionally involved in the registration and support of charities.

Registration of a charity in Kyiv or in Ukraine

Law Firm Patriot is professionally involved in the registration and support of charities. If you want to register a charity as a charity fund, company, or institution, you need to address many issues that may arise during the creation of these types of organizations. What is the structure of the management bodies? Which powers do the bodies of the charity have? Which decisions are adopted by specific bodies? What are the fields of activity of the charity? What are the activities, etc.?

In order to better understand the process of selection of the organizational and legal form for a charity, let us briefly describe the existing organizational and legal forms.

  • Charity is a charity organization that is created by at least two founders and acts on the basis of a charter. A charity can have other members in addition to its founders. The constituent document of a charity is its charter.
  • A charitable foundation is a charity that operates on the basis of a charter, has participants, and is managed by participants who are not required to transfer any assets to the organization for the purpose of charitable activities. A charitable foundation can be created by two or more founders. Assets of a charitable foundation can be contributed by participants and/or other benefactors.

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Patriot.Legal provides timely registration services for charitable organizations in the form of charitable companies or charitable foundations.

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