Corporate and M&A

Provides expert legal advice and solutions on corporate law and governance.

The team of corporate lawyers supports complex M&A transactions related to the sale or purchase of businesses and assets.

We offer clients a combination of legal experience and industry expertise to efficiently plan and execute corporate restructuring and M&A transactions, taking into account industry-specific tax and other issues.

Patriot.Legal lawyers support around 500 corporate clients annually, successfully responding to various tasks. Patriot.Legal expert team includes 10 lawyers, auditors and attorneys.

Amending Registration Documents
We advise clients on amendments to incorporation documents in accordance with current legislation.
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Bankruptcy and Liquidation
Patriot.Legal provides liquidation services to all the legal entities in compliance with Ukrainian legislation. Regardless of the process complexity, we...
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Registration of an individual entrepreneur
We guide entrepreneurs through the whole process of individual entrepreneurship registration, from selection of NACE codes, determining the taxation group...
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Express liquidation
Patriot.Legal will carry out liquidation of the enterprise by change of founders and the director with the subsequent closing to...
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Spin-off (spin-out)
Patriot.Legal advises companies going through corporate reorganization aimed at identifying core, profitable and high-potential business units to attract investments, implement...
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