Contracts **

The contract is signed, you can safely carry out economic or civil law transaction without fear of undesirable consequences. We have successfully prepared and conducted legal review of 1506 contracts.

The lawyers of the law firm PATRIOT are always in touch to promptly provide you with highly professional, quality services to:

  • development (preparation) of contracts (in particular, sales contracts, lease contracts, supply contracts, works and services contracts, agreements in the field of intellectual property rights, etc.);
  • development (preparation) of protocols of disagreements, additional agreements and annexes to contracts;
  • development of cross-border business contracts;
  • legal expertise (analysis) of agreements, foreign economic contracts, protocols of disagreements, additional agreements and annexes to contracts;
  • development of employment contracts and local regulations of the enterprise (job descriptions, internal labor regulations, collective bargaining agreements, etc.).

Patriot.Legal develops contracts based on an effective mechanism of exercising rights and safeguarding the interests of the business. A beneficial contract stands for zero legal risks, relevant legislation and protection in court if the dispute arises. Patriot.Legal is responsible for around 1200 contracts per year with counterparties from over 15 countries.

With our help, you can:

  • Obtain a document (agreement, contract), which will clearly define the essential terms of the transaction, the order of performance of obligations by the parties, as well as the final result of the arrangements.
  • Ensure the protection of your interests by establishing clear rules of the commercial game, the framework of responsibility of the parties, which, in turn, will guarantee the performance of the obligations assumed.
  • Eliminate various financial risks in relations with counterparties, as well as regulatory authorities for the proper conduct of business activities.
Development of individual contracts *
We work with the most complex issues of contract law, including the development of individual terms of complex international agreements.
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Development of cross-border business contracts *
Patriot.Legal develops complex contracts for clients whose business model involves cross-border operations.
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Full-blown legal review of contracts (including cross-border business contracts)
We provide professional services in the field of contract law.
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