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What we offer?

Patriot.Audit provides accounting services to dozens of companies. Outsourcing of accounting services reduces the financial burden on business, ensures the confidentiality of financial information, consistency and accuracy of accounting.


Accounting services for LLC (single tax)

  • Financial statements (once a year)
  • ERUs report for hired employees
  • Quarterly report on military collection and personal income tax
  • Advice on PPO (purchase and registration)
  • Changes in taxation system

Fee: 3000 UAH per monthAccounting support for LLC (General system of taxation with VAT)

      • Quarterly income tax
      • Financial Statements (Balance)


    • 3000 UAH per month

Accounting support for LLC (General system of taxation with VAT)

        • Monitoring of correctness of tax invoices received
        • Stucturing of foreign trade operations taking into account the place of service provision
        • Limit Monitoring
        • Registration of tax invoices
        • Unlocking of tax invoices
        • Reporting of VAT declarations
        • Correctness of application of norms of international conventions on avoidance of double taxation: 1) requirements to foreign economic activity contracts; 2) coordination with the bank; 3) contract


    • from 5000 UAH per month
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