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Services for private entities

Patriot LF provides services for private entities.

Criminal lawyer

Most of people, who got into difficulties, are not always able to assess the situation clearly to act right. This is especially important if there is a criminal component.

Real estate lawyer

Without a doubt, the act of purchase and sale of the property is a significant event in the life of any person. A deal involving the purchase means significant spending.

Legal advice online

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to visit the office of the legal company, hold a personal conversation and ask all the questions to the lawyer.

Accident lawyer

An accident is always a challenge for road users, whoever (victims or perpetrators) they may be. Besides, it is not always obvious, who and how much is guilty in the accident, if guilty at all.

Business registration

The desire to go into business turned into reality opens new perspectives and lots of room. However, you need to understand that there is a certain algorithm of registration and obtaining…

E-sports law

Usually virtual competitions in various video games are called e-sports. Here you have the strategies and shooters, simulators of various sports.

Family lawyer

The family is perceived by many people as a symbol of shelteredness, understanding, covered back.
However, sometimes the difficulties…

Civil lawyer

Participation of a professional lawyer specializing in civil law in a trial guarantees proper execution of all necessary documents…

Drafting of service documents

To apply to the court or some other state authority, the person has to settle the documents.

We guarantee

Timely support

We are ready to help you promptly at any time. We work for you 24/7.


Deep knowledge of our lawyers will lead to a maximal result at minimum cost.

Privacy policy

We value our reputation and strictly follow professional ethics.

Transparency of the relationship

Our relationship with client is built on honesty, frankness and trust.

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What is liquidation? Step-by-step algorithm

Practice shows that to open a company is quite easy and simple, but to close the business can be quite troublesome. Difficult economic situation, sometimes irrational tax legislation, not always consistent revenue bodies administering and quite often unwillingness of...

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