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Services for business entities

Patriot Law Firm provides a full range of legal services to business ranging from individual entrepreneur to large international corporations. Our lawyers will help you deal with any issue.

Compliance with the laws of the country is one of the key factors to keep business stable. If you are an entrepreneur or are planning to get engaged in commercial activities in the near future, experts of the “” law firm are there to become the assistants you can rely on.

Our legal services include support of registration procedures, obtaining permits/certificates/licenses, assistance to clients in the implementation of any legal way to reorganize or liquidate an enterprise. We provide legal services both for small businesses (private entrepreneurs self-employed individuals) and large international corporations with a complex management structure. The quality of services is equally assured both with a one-time consultation and comprehensive assistance in business support on outsourcing terms.

Legal consulting

The key principles when our experts advise representatives of the business environment are expertise, efficiency and unbiased attitude. Depending on the situation, you can:

  1.     Visit our office in Kyiv.
  2.     Invite our lawyer to visit your office.
  3.     Contact us by phone, via messenger or email.

Oral and written legal advice

Clients are provided with clear and understandable answers to questions regarding economic, customs, labor, land, civil, corporate, tax, administrative, criminal law.

Legal advice for business is an effective way to minimize the risk of disputes with counterparties and regulatory bodies, to optimize taxation, HR policy and management structure. If you have an ongoing issue, advice of an experienced lawyer will help solve it in the least costly and quickest way. Our team includes experts in such areas as intellectual property, corporate disputes, mediation (negotiation) and arbitration. Expertise and extensive judicial practice allow to predict the development of events with high accuracy, to timely prevent from situations turning wrong.

Due diligence of counterparties and transactions

Comprehensive legal analysis of a potential business partner, client, investment or item to be purchased. The focus is made on compliance with antitrust, tax, labor lagislation. Judicial proceedings with the participation of the counterparty or with respect to the item to be purchased are taken into account. As a result, the client is provided with reasonable information about the prospects of the transaction, its benefits and probable risks.

Examination of documents

We strongly recommend never signing and complying with the terms of business-related documents without prior legal verification. Contact us, if:

  • the contractor sends you a contract offer or claim;
  • tax authorities take decisions, infringing your interests;
  • you are sued, and you receive a copy of the claims;
  • you are getting ready to make significant amendments to the constituent documents.

Legal assistance in the registration/reorganization/liquidation of business

If you are launching a business, take care of a solid legal foundation for your business. Legal services provided by “” include both support for the purchase of a ready-made business, and state registration of a brand new business entity. The portfolio of our successful cases includes registration of start-ups in IT and other areas, registration of an LLC, registration of representative offices of foreign companies.

Time-wise management of required legal procedures depends on the path chosen. Registration of a business with support of our experts can take as little as 24 hours!

The cost of the registration services includes:

  • Assistance in the choice of legal form (LLC, JSC, individual entrepreneur (private enterprise) etc.), types of activities under the KVED classification, taxation system.
  • The solution of issues with the name, legal address, amount of the authorized capital.
  • Preparation of documentation for the filing with the state registrar (including the minutes of the general meeting of members with notarization of signatures).
  • Obtaining confirmation of the entry of the business entity into the Unified State Register, submission of documentation to the tax service, obtaining digital signature, opening a bank account and so on.

In addition to business registration services, our company is also ready to support clients in such areas as registration of public organizations, political parties, and news agencies.

As a part of the services for legal entities, all types of reorganization and restructuring, as well as bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises are accompanied by our company. Depending on the specifics of the client’s situation, the way of selling corporate rights or terminating legal entities is chosen. Possible options for accession, merger, transformation, separation are considered. Our team includes an experienced arbitration manager, who ensures impeccable observance of the provisions of applicable bankruptcy legislation.

Business lawyer for interaction with controlling authorities

According to the applicable legislation, about 30 state authorities are entitled to exercise control and supervision. They include the tax and customs service, law enforcement agencies, the Antimonopoly Committee and the State Labor Service. Due to various reasons, many actions/omissions/decisions of representatives of regulatory bodies do not comply with the norms of the law and cause damage to business.

Tax law and customs law are areas of advanced specialization of lawyers of the «» law firm, therefore, clients are provided with highly effective legal assistance in all types of interaction with representatives of regulatory authorities. It comprises such steps as:

  • filing a complaint with a higher authority – the way of administrative (pre-trial) appeal of unlawfully adopted decisions;
  • representation of the client during the consideration of a complaint;
  • presence of a lawyer, when directly verifying, examining acts, drawn up on the results of such verification;
  • preparation of correct responses to requests from regulatory authorities.

Legal services in support of transactions

The scope of competence of the lawyers of our company comprises the settlement of a wide range of issues under contractual law. For organization, engaging one of our experts is an opportunity to minimize the risks of pre-contractual and contractual disputes. We have successfully supported major transactions in such sectors as Construction and Development, Purchase and Sale of Corporate Rights, Foreign Economic Activity (FEA).

We draw up contracts, draft agreements, offers, protocols of disagreements. For companies, legal support of negotiations with counterparties is provided, then – monitoring of the fulfillment of contractual obligations, and support in case of contradictions.

In order to correctly execute contracts with foreign companies for clients, we constantly study international law, cooperate with partners from different countries of the world. Moreover, our trusted partners are located in Germany (Düsseldorf), Iran (Tehran), Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul), Great Britain (several organizations).

Legal assistance in pre-trial and court dispute resolution

The rendering of services for entrepreneurs provides for the adoption of international practices for resolving business disputes. Ukraine does not stand aside of the process of widespread adoption of alternative dispute resolution methods. First of all, we are talking about such legal methods as mediation (negotiation) and arbitration. Our country has a system of arbitration courts, which have certain advantages in comparison with the state judicial authorities. Arbitration courts make it possible to reduce the probability of publicity, minimize time and financial costs.

A business lawyer in arbitration plays the same important role as in the economic court. Expertise and professional skills make it possible to present to the court the case file in a winning light. Corporate disputes very often fall into the arbitration court. For the specialists of corporate law and М&A is one of the key areas of activity. We have a set of powerful tools to provide effective assistance to the client.

In addition, our company is ready to carry out claim work for clients and represent interests in court. The services include issue of procedural documents in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation, participation in court sessions during the process, if necessary, using the appeal/cassation procedures (if the decision of the court of first instance does not satisfy the client).

Court practice of the specialists of our team covers a large list of cases in various areas related to the conduct of business. We are not entitled to guarantee 100% successful results. However, with our support, the chances of success increase very significantly.

Outsourcing of legal services

For a company, to have an in-house lawyer is not always expedient and effective. First, in a small organization, legal issues arise only from time to time. Second, starting 2019 only an attorney has the right to represent the interests of individuals and legal entities (the so-called “attorney monopoly” for judicial representation).

Legal service subscription is a profitable and rational option for obtaining legal assistance for many companies. For example, has specialists in various highly specialized areas. We can help solve a wide range of issues, since similar issues have arisen earlier.

Let’s consider how it works:

Step 1. You sign an outsourcing contract with our company, choose a package of services.

Step 2. By paying monthly subscription fees, you get the opportunity to solve current legal issues (for example, preparation of labor documentation, correspondence with the tax service, other state bodies), and also you are provided with assistance in unforeseen situations (for example, in the case of an inspection by representatives of regulatory authorities).

Step 3. Permanent legal services allow not to miss potential risks, reduce the probability of legal disputes, increase the stability of the business.

You can find our contacts on the pages of the web-site. Contact us to clarify details or order services!

Legal subscription

Legal subscription of small, medium and large enterprises. Running a business without reliable legal support is not a trifle, and sometimes can be even risky.

Court practice

Judicial practice is one of the key areas of activity of the Patriot Law Firm.

Bankruptcy and dissolution of companies

We bring to your notice the services of liquidation or bankruptcy of business entities of any organizational and legal forms.

Taxation law

Our team has good experience of defending clients in interactions with regulatory authorities and in litigation. Protection of the rights of taxpayers, legal services and consulting clients…

Intellectual property

Experienced specialists will ensure the protection of intellectual property at a decent level…

Corporate law and М&A

Experts of Patriot Law Firm professionally carry out the support of company management, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and liquidation.

International law

Offices of our trusted partners are located in Germany (Düsseldorf), Iran (Tehran) and Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul). Our experts in international law ensure observance of norms and principles…

Construction and development

Any transactions with real estate objects and land plots require legal support.

Registration of a representative office of a foreign company

Patriot Law Firm provides a full range of services for the registration of a representative office of a foreign company.

We guarantee

Timely support

We are ready to help you promptly at any time. We work for you 24/7.


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We value our reputation and strictly follow professional ethics.

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Our relationship with client is built on honesty, frankness and trust.

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