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Taxation law

Protection of the taxpayers’ rights, legal and advisory services in the areas of tax practice is one of the primary focuses of Patriot Law Firm.

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Taxation law

Protection of the rights of taxpayers, legal services and consulting clients in the field of tax practice is one of the top directions of activity of Patriot Law Firm. Our team has good experience of defending clients in interactions with regulatory authorities and in litigation.

In the context of tax enforcement Patriot Law Firm provides the following legal services:

1. Appealing of tax inspection results in judicial and administrative procedures.

Tax decision notice is made on the basis of an act compiled by the staff of fiscal service as a result of a tax audit. The tax decision- notice contains the list of violations by the payer of the tax law, determines the amount of unpaid tax obligation and the amount of penalty sanctions for violation of tax legislation.

Services of our company on protection of the rights of the taxpayer by appealing against tax notices-decisions include:

  • preliminary consultation on the possibility of administrative/judicial appeal of the results of the audit;
  • the study of primary documentation on business operations of the taxpayer and the formation of evidence to support a client’s legal position in court;
  • initiating of and control over independent financial and accounting audits;
  • preparation of claims, statements and other procedural documents;
  • representation in administrative courts at all stages of the process.

At the end of our work the client receives the court decision on the illegality of conclusions of tax inspection. Such judgment is the only method that guarantees non-joinder of company executives on 100%.

2. Advising individuals on issues of legislation and law enforcement in the tax area:

  • general advice on taxation for individuals;
  • legal audit for reduction of taxation of dividends;
  • calculation of tax liabilities when buying property;
  • calculation of tax liabilities when purchasing and selling of corporate rights;
  • preventive measures to avoid liability for violation of taxation legislation.

3. Advising legal entities on taxation:

  • assistance in choosing the legal form of the enterprise and the system of taxation during formation of the company;
  • advice on sizes and order of payment of taxes of various kinds, methods of tax administration;
  • explanation of tax consequences of business transactions;
  • optimization of enterprises by reducing the tax burden and accelerations of other mandatory payments;
  • analysis of the scheme of business operation proposed by the contractor;
  • optimization of payment of dividends to founders;
  • to verify the accuracy of calculation and payment of taxes;
  • formulating responses to requests of the tax authority;
  • support of fiscal service audits, support of investigative actions;
  • examining the legality and validity of requirements of the fiscal and law enforcement bodies;
  • control over legality of actions of tax and law enforcement agencies, at the initiation of inspections or investigations by them;
  • in case of detection of violations in the fiscal and law enforcement agencies actions – implementation of complex measures aimed at stopping such illegal actions, the preparation of appeals to the competent bodies for attraction guilty persons to disciplinary, administrative or criminal liability.

Patriot Law Firm will provide expert assistance and support in optimizing of your taxes and help to protect your business from illegal actions of tax authorities.

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