Nominee service

Our Law Firm offers a nominee service, which is carried out by our specially trained people. We will be able to replace you as the Director or founder of a legal entity.


The nominee Director. The nominal founder

Nominee service includes

  1. Nominee shareholders: legal entities or natural persons;
  2. Nominee Director;
  3. Other nominal workers.

When does one need a nominee service?

  1. If You don’t want others to know that You are the owner of a legal entity;
  2. If You are a non-resident and the founder of a legal entity, and have not yet received an employment permit;
  3. If You need to protect identity of an actual founder or Director;
  4. If You are not able to hold the position of Director or be a member of the legal entity.

Using our nominee service, you remain an actual manager and owner of a legal entity.

We guarantee that the nominee person will act only for Your benefit and will perform all the tasks he is given.

Also, we provide legal support of service provision and representation of clients’ interests in state bodies and to private individuals during the provision of nominee services.

To ensure the safety of our clients we provide additional guarantees, such as the agreement on the termination of the contract with an open date, certified by the signature of the nominal person that allows you to “dismiss” a nominal face, even without his consent, and to appoint another person.

Providing a nominee service, Patriot Law Firm guarantees the solution of tasks during minimum time period and the protection of the client’s interests, and ensures the legality and confidentiality during the provision of the nominee service.

The nominee service. The nominee Director. The nominal founder

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