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International law

Experts in international law ensure observance of norms and principles which are compulsory in all states.

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International law

To help our clients not only in our country but also abroad, the Patriot Law Firm cooperates with various international companies. Offices of our partners are located in Germany (Düsseldorf), Iran (Tehran) and Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul). It gives the advantage to completely fulfil the potential of our clients in resolving issues with access of their goods to these markets or to solve problems that have already arisen. In addition, we have partnership with several organizations in the UK. In particular, we work with the London company HEDI Group, a property development company, that helps to solve any issue of our clients in this region. Another our business partner in Great Britain is Zaiwalla & Co Law Firm.

International law and observance of its norms is exactly what you need for successful business abroad. So we are ready to help you with any legal issue that you may have outside of Ukraine. For example, our lawyers will provide advice and ensure statutory compliance while obtaining residence permit or citizenship, and explain how to leave the country with minors or how to quickly find a job abroad.

In addition, the proficiency of our experts allows to represent your interests in the international courts, and also help you with doing business in any of above mentioned countries where there are offices of our partners.

Our international experience combined with understanding of different business cultures provides a secure “home front”, and the knowledge and capabilities of our foreign partners allow our clients to achieve the best commercial result in their activities.

Clients who may make profit from services provided by our law firm abroad:

  • local and international companies seeking to invest in their foreign projects (in particular dealing with the creation of commercial enterprises);
  • companies of private and public sector, seeking assistance in their disputes in international courts;
  • organizations in need of support abroad in other non-judicial legal aspects.

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