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Три «Почему» ликвидацию предприятия заказывают у нас?


Мы гарантируем закрытие проблемной фирмы не только сверх-быстро, но и эффективно.


После нашей работы не возникает ненужных вопросов и “хвостов”, поэтому вы сможете спокойно строить дальнейшие планы, не опасаясь возврата проблемы.


Именно такой стиль работы практикует юридическая фирма «Патриот», выстраивая безупречную репутацию.

Как происходит наше сотрудничество и что для этого нужно

1. Звонок

Вы звоните нам и консультируетесь. Если условия работы вас устраивают, то переходим к шагу 2.

2. Ваши документы

Вы передаете нам уставные документы фирмы (по email или как вам удобно).

2. Подготовка и подписание

Мы готовим всю необходимую документацию. Встречаемся с вами для подписания документов. Можно и без встречи, через курьера.

4. Закрытие вопроса

Наступает следующий день: ваш вопрос закрыт, проблемная фирма ликвидирована. Спокойно стройте дальнейшие планы.

Мы уже ликвидировали предприятия с задолженностью свыше

Суммарная задолженность в гривнах

Bankruptcy and liquidation of companies

The process of liquidation of the legal entity is quite complicated and long process that requires special theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that insolvency practitioners have.

We offer you the services of liquidation or bankruptcy of legal entities of any organizational legal forms.

The ways of liquidation of a business entity:

  1. liquidation of a business entity by the decision of the owners;
  2. change of the founders of the company.

Voluntary liquidation (liquidation of the enterprise by decision of the owners)

Liquidation of the enterprise according to the decision of owners includes the following main stages:

  • adoption of the decision on liquidation by the owners of the enterprise;
  • notification of liquidation of the enterprise to the authority that accomplished state registration for inclusion in EDRPOU (Ukrainian “Unified State Register of Businesses and Organizations”) of the corresponding entry;
  • deregistration of the enterprise at tax authorities;
  • deregistration of the enterprise at the pension Fund;
  • deregistration of the enterprise at social insurance funds;
  • deregistration of the enterprise at the employment centre;
  • closing the Bank accounts of the enterprise;
  • elimination of the seal of the company;
  • submission of documents for inclusion in EDRPOU a record about the state registration of the dissolution of business entity, or sole proprietorship as a result of its liquidation to the state Registrar.


  • signing a contract for carrying out of procedure of liquidation;
  • transfer of the accounting and reporting documentation to the original contract acceptor;
  • preparation of documents and exhibition of information to the state administration;
  • closing an account in bank;
  • inspection and deregistration in the regional offices of the Pension fund and social Insurance fund;
  • inspection and deregistration in the regional tax offices;
  • the transfer of documents with long-term storage in the state archive;
  • deregistration in the statistical department;
  • elimination of the seal of the company;
  • making of the relevant entry in the state register on the accomplishment of liquidation procedures.

Term – not less than two months.

Change of the founders and the head of the company

Change of the founders and the head of the company by submitting the relevant documents to the state Registrar, whereby the state registration of changes to the data of the company contained in the EDRPOU is held, followed by replacement of all necessary documents of the enterprise.

The procedure for the change of the founders and the head of the company is clearly regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular by the Civil and Economic codes of Ukraine, Act of Ukraine “On state registration of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs”, which gives the opportunity to carry out the above mentioned steps in the legal field.

The procedure for the change of the founders and the head of the company is carried out much quicker than the procedure of liquidation of the enterprise through the recognition of its bankruptcy or liquidation of the enterprise according to the decision of the owners, whereas the cost of legal services for registration of the change of founders and the head is much lower than the cost of services for the liquidation of the enterprise.


If the company is insolvent or bankrupt, one of bankruptcy procedures (the disposal of property, sanation, liquidation) is applied.

The Central figure of this procedure is the court-appointed insolvency practitioner, who is responsible for the fulfilment of this task.

It should be noted that insolvency practitioners are participants of the bankruptcy proceedings at all stages. From asset manager, external manager to liquidator. Thus, an insolvency practitioner is inescapable part of bankruptcy proceeding.

Patriot Law firm has professional insolvency practitioners in its staff, who possess high professional qualities and a high level of knowledge and experience in the field of bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises support. We can see into a matter even in the most complicated issues.

The list of services provided by the insolvency practitioner includes:

  • consulting on bankruptcy issues;
  • participation in court hearings;
  • the announcement in the media about the start of the bankruptcy procedure;
  • formation of creditor’s committee;
  • the holding of a creditor’s committee meeting;
  • drawing up of a list of creditors;
  • audit performance of the debtor;
  • the liquidation of the debtor;
  • taking measures for the debtor’s property and assets situs search;
  • closing of accounts of the debtor in banks and other financial institutions;
  • taking inventory of property;
  • property appraising;
  • sale of property through public auction;
  • drawing up of the liquidation balance;
  • writing the report of the liquidator;
  • exclusion of the debtor from EDRPOU;
  • elimination of the press and transfer of the constituent and accounting documents to the archive.

By the reorganization is meant a system of measures undertaken during bankruptcy proceedings with the aim of preventing recognition of the debtor as bankrupt and its liquidation, aimed at improving the financial and economic condition of the debtor, and also the discharge of claims of creditors in full or in part by lending, corporate restructuring, debt and capital restructuring and (or) change of organizational-legal forms and the production structure of the debtor. That is, the sanation is applied to the debtor, which solvency is liable for recovery.

The procedure of liquidation of the company through its bankruptcy is applied if the business entity is not able discharge liabilities to creditors after the deadlines, including payroll, compulsory state pension insurance and other types of obligatory state social insurance, taxes and fees liabilities.

Liquidation of the enterprise through the recognition of its bankruptcy is appropriate in cases where the company is really in dire financial condition.

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