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E-sports law

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E-sports law

The Internet has become an integral part of the modern world. Here we learn new information, do business, correspond with our partners, clients or friends and play computer games. Regarding the last, there is even a certain term called e-sports.

Usually virtual competitions in various video games are called e-sports. Here you have the strategies and shooters, simulators of various sports. Despite the fact that the industry of e-sports is relatively new, the number of adherents of this branch is steadily growing. Today, co-operating players into various eSports teams and associations of gain popularity increasingly. That is, in a relatively short period of time we got an entire area which needs legal regulation.

At the moment, there is a number of issues in such industry as e-sports law where you should seek legal advice. First of all, we are talking about the correct drafting of contracts and leases. Some players are very young and do not have enough experience, while others do not have the necessary knowledge of jurisprudence to keep track of all the legal aspects in the preparation of documents and deals. As a result, striving for the opportunity to earn good money, such players sign up for unfavourable conditions, that allow exploiting them.

That is why we strongly recommend you to contact the lawyers in e-sports law to verify or execute the necessary documentation. Experts of law firm “Patriot” will help you in writing the contract, review contracts that have already been signed, as well as provide recommendations for further regulation of business relations in this industry in the framework of current legislation.

It should be noted that eSports tournament with a prize fund of $200.000 has just been held in Ukraine, which is certainly an evidence of the popularity and success of this direction. In addition, it indicates the seriousness of this type of competition not only for all participants but also for investors.

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