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Is your lawyer loaded and does not have time?

We are ready to assist you and provide full legal support or solve a separate task. We provide legal outsourcing for business.

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Which legal services are included into the revice plans?

As part of the Service Plans, clients can request any of the legal services below:

Contract Law
  • Drafting of a model contracts for business operations: a model employment contract, a model contract for the main type of business activity (for example, a supply contract, a service agreement, a sale and purchase agreement), a modal non-disclosure agreement.
  • Reviewing of contracts suggested by counterparties.
  • Drafting of a model contract on cross-border economic activities, including drafting of an arbitration clause.
  • Reviewing of contract on cross-border economic activities suggested by counterparties.
Corporate Law and Governance
  • Drafting amendments to the constituent documents of a Limited Liability Company, Public\Private Joint Stock Company.
  • Executing the change of director, founders, legal address, name, charter capital, types of business activities.
  • Drafting model internal policies and rules.
  • Obtaining permits and licenses for activities subject to licensing.
  • Auditing the Corporate Governance structure.
  • Developing measures to protect the company from hostile takeovers and raider attacks.
  • Advising on corporate restructurings.
  • Supporting the company’s governing bodies (meetings of participants / shareholders, supervisory boards etc.).
Registration services
  • Registration of LLCs.
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurship.
  • Registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine.
  • Registration of a financial company.
  • Registration of public media.
  • Registration of religious organizations.
  • Registration of non-profit organizations.
  • Registration of personal data bases.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Selecting the tax system when starting up a business.
  • Defining the size and schedule of tax payments.
  • Assessing the tax consequences of business transactions.
  • Tax structuring and optimization.
  • Drafting responses to requests from the State Fiscal Service.
  • Assisting businesses at the times of tac inspections by the Ukrainian tax authorities.

Clients of partner programs of legal services for business have a 10% discount on accounting services.

Who benefits?

Micro businesses, SMEs, high growth potential start-ups.

Why choose Legal Service Plans?

Clients only pay for those legal services they used during the month:


NO fixed fee monthly subscription.


NO unneeded services you typically pay in a subscription-based service.

Patriot.Legal advises over 250 clients in Ukraine, assisting micro businesses, SMEs and high growth potential start-ups to:


Build partnerships and secure contracts from with large businesses and corporations.


Plan tax liabilities.


Prevent corporate conflicts and raiding.


Free up the time and funds for business development.

Patriot.Legal is a responsible business partner. Our professional liability is insured.

Service plans

Patriot.Legal’s Service Plans are based on a transparent, predictable and fair retainer fee scheme.

Service plan 30 hours

36 000/UAH
  • UAH 1200 per hour
To order

Service plan 70 hours

63 000/UAH
  • UAH 900 per hour
To order

How does it work?

The retainer fee scheme is available in three service plans.

Clients only pay for those legal services they used during the month.

Unused hours are transferred to
the next month.

Next month the client pays the difference between the cost of the service plan and the hours actually used in the previous month.

How legal costs are calculated

Month 1

UAH 50 000 is paid towards the service plan of 50 hours.

38 hours were used during the month.

12 hours remain unused.

Month 2

egal costs calculation: 50 000 – (12х1000) = 38 000 UAH.


We will advise you on legal support of business and will choose the optimal package of services for your business.

Please fill out the form and submit your request. We will certainly answer you as soon as possible.

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