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Patriot Law Firm will help you get the coveted grant will accompany you during its implementation.

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Obtaining grants

Recently public produces more and more ideas and projects to improve the quality of public space, the development of society in various fields and solve socially sensitive issues in Ukraine, however, one needs significant funds to implement them. To search for funds public organization and individuals have to write projects and apply for grants. In Ukraine, getting grants is a difficult and long procedure requiring deep knowledge, skills and abilities in this area. We have specialists with in-depth knowledge and skills in this area that will help you to receive the desired grant, and will accompany you during its implementation.

Lawyers of Patriot Law Firm have been helping obtain grants from leading foundations in Europe for a long time.

Our services in this area:

  • advice on obtaining grants;
  • monitoring grant competitions and their analysis;
  • assistance in obtaining grants;
  • writing and submitting grant applications;
  • preparation of projects;
  • support during project execution;
  • representation of clients’ interests in state bodies and self-governing authorities;
  • protection of interests in courts.

We implement your ideas in life.

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