Checklist: How to register a trademark?

Step 1. Determine the class (classes) of the Nice Classification (International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks). Classes are determined in accordance with the goods you produce and (or) services you provide.

Step 2. Check with the databases of the National Intellectual Property Office and international databases, whether a similar or confusingly similar trademark has not been registered (including is not in the process of registration) in the classes you have selected? This could be grounds for refusal of registration in the future.

Step 3. Fill out an application for registration of a trademark in Ukraine in the prescribed form and pay the state fees for registration.

Step 4. Submit the package of documents to the National Intellectual Property Office.

Step 5. Track the registration status. In the process of TM registration, there are 2 types of examinations – formal and qualification, as a result of which you receive the relevant conclusions of the National Intellectual Property Office.

Step 6. Obtain a trademark certificate, which is the result of the registration procedure. The certificate is valid for 10 years.

In case you need assistance – Patriot.Legal will be happy to provide you with services to support the registration of your trademark. In this case, your involvement in the registration process is minimized – you can focus on the promotion and development of your brand, while our specialists will take care of all formalities.

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