Corporate law and M&A

02 May 2021
Procedure of the penalties under Article 336 of the Code of Civil Procedure
When initiating a property dispute, the lawyer, in addition to assessing the victory of his legal position, should think about...
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05 March 2021
How to get a license for financial activities?
There have been some changes in the procedure for issuing licenses for financial activities. Instead of Natskomfinposlug of Ukraine from...
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27 February 2020
The key aspects of business assets protection of economic entities with large capital turnover
Recently the protection of the business assets of our clients has become one of the key directions of Patriot Law...
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25 February 2020
What is liquidation? Step-by-step algorithm
Practice shows that to open a company is quite easy and simple, but to close the business can be quite...
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