Challenging cancel of registration of tax invoice issued by construction company

Our task

To exercise judicial representation to appeal against the stoppage of the tax invoice of a construction company

Our Approach

At the end of 2017, registration of a tax invoice of our client, the building construction company, for a total amount of VAT of 90 thousand UAH was cancelled. Pre-trial appeal of the commission’s decisions did not give the desired result. At the end of 2018, lawyers of the law firm Patriot.Legal prepared an administrative lawsuit regarding the annulation of the commission’s decision and obligement of the tax authority to register a tax invoice. Due to the proper justification of the reasons for omission of the terms for applying for a court, the court examined the merits of the dispute, and decided it in favor of the client of the law firm Patriot.Legal, moreover, the court imposed expenses incurred by the plaintiff in connection with the payment of the services of the law firm Patriot.Legal in full on the tax authority.

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