Development of a package of documents for film production

Our task

To develope a package of necessary documents for the production of the film

Our Approach

At the request of a well-known film director, the specialists of the contract department and patent attorneys of Patriot.Legal developed a package of necessary documents for the production of the film. These documents include the following intellectual property agreements:

  • general contract for the development of an audiovisual work (film); contracts with actors;
  • agreements with dubbing actors;
  • contract with a director;
  • contract with a production director;
  • contract with a sound producer;
  • contract with a film producer;
  • contract with a photography director;
  • agreement on the transfer of property rights to musical compositions (soundtracks for the film);
  • agreement on the transfer of intellectual property rights (agreement with the film distributor).

Within using the services of Patriot.Legal in the field of legal support for the production of film products, the successful film debut of one more Ukrainian film took place.

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