Patriot.Legal won the economic dispute in the amount of 2 900 000 UAH

Our task

To defend the interests of the client in a claim for recovery of funds in the amount of 2,900,000 UAH for alleged damages

Our Approach

Patriot.Legal successfully represented the client in a claim for recovery of 2,900,000 UAH for alleged damages. According to the appellant, the client’s technicians and employees destroyed the third party’s property stored with him on the basis of a custody agreement.

During the consideration of the dispute in the court of appellate instance the position was formed, which was based on the wrongly chosen by the appellant way of defense of initiated cases, improper defendant in the dispute, the lack of proper and reliable evidence of the damage, as well as the inappropriateness and inadmissibility of the evidence he provided (in particular, the court provided expertise made in the criminal proceedings, which is contrary to the provisions of economic procedural law). In addition, the developed legal position applied a number of doctrines of law, in particular, the prohibition of contradictory behavior.

As a result of the consideration of the appeal proceedings by the Northern Economic Court of Appeal, the appellant was denied the appeal. Compensation of legal costs incurred by the client was imposed on the appellant.

Support of the project was provided by the attorney of the practice of litigation and corporate law, Mr. Svyatoslav Lindyuk

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