Patriot.Legal team provided legal support to the client in a dispute with a government authority on the collection of funds

Our task

Adoption of a court decision on the recovery of funds for unfulfilled obligations

Execution of a judgment

Our Approach

Patriot.Legal provided legal support to “36.6” LLC in a dispute with the State Innovative Financial and Credit Institution regarding the failure to fulfill its contractual obligations to pay money for services rendered in the amount of UAH 350 thousand.

Among the evidence, which were refuted by our lawyers in court, there is the opinion of the defendant’s examination, which established the improper provision of services by the client.

By the decision of the Economic Court of the city of Kiev, the client’s claims were fully satisfied.

In the court of appeal, lawyers were able to defend the decision made by the court of first instance. Within 2 weeks, the court decision was executed.

Contracts must be honored. Regardless of what form of ownership the counterparty is: private or state.


Patriot.Legal is a legal and audit services company.


Please note that in accordance with the current procedural legislation, among other things, the court, at the request of the party, decides the issue of imposing legal costs for professional legal assistance (lawyer) on the losing party in the dispute

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