The Patriot.Legal team defended the interests of the manufacturer and supplier of equipment R.P.S.LTD in court in a dispute for UAH 10 million

Our task

To protect client's interests in court

Our Approach

At the end of 2020, the team was approached by R.P.S.LTD to protect their interests in a claim filed against it for the recovery of more than UAH 10 million for improper performance of the terms of the supply agreement.

The amount of the plaintiff’s claims against the client consisted of UAH 6 million in the form of a fine and a penalty for improper performance of the terms of the contract and UAH 4 million – for the losses incurred.

The legal position duly formed by the team, as well as the evidence collected in the case, contributed to the conclusion between the parties at the stage of the preparatory court session of an amicable agreement, which was approved by the court.

As a result, the client continued with normal business operations and avoided bankruptcy proceedings.

The client’s interests in the negotiation and litigation were represented by the managing partner of Patriot.Legal Denis Bondar, lawyer in the practice of judicial and corporate law Lindyuk Svyatoslav and counsel Evgeniy Vlasov.


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