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Efficient liquidation of business.

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Intellectual property protection

Experienced specialists of intellectual property protection at a decent level will be ensured, regardless of the complexity of the task.

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Our office is located in the city center of Kyiv at address: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Str., 72, Olimpiysky Business Center, 7th floor.

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Services for business entities

We provide legal services to companies of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. You can take a professional competent opinion from us or count on our support in any sphere.

You can take one-time legal advice or use our hosted service (legal subscription).

Corporate law and M&A

Patriot Law Firm creates companies, subsidiary companies, representative offices. We develop statutory documents, agreements of shareholders, the internal guidelines and regulations, as well as deal with corporate management, hold general shareholders meetings, resolution of corporate disputes and claims of shareholders.

Court practice

Judicial practice is one of the key areas of activity of the Patriot Law Firm. We will conduct a thorough legal analysis of the dispute, define the legal stance on the case, represent the client’s interests in court, and after that effectively enforce a court decision.

Bankruptcy and restructuring

Specialists of Patriot Law Firm effectively conduct the procedure of restructuring, reorganization and bankruptcy. We analyse the financial condition of a business entity, provide services of insolvency practitioner (asset manager, external manager, liquidator).

Services for private entities

There are many physical persons among the clients of Patriot Law Firm. We never refuse aid and the results of our work bring psychic income. You can take our advice concerning your rights, we can help you to settle a difficult matter or resolve a long-standing problem.

Assistance with road traffic accident

You was involved in a crash and are sure that you are a victim? Unfortunately, the case can be settled absolutely unpredictable. Do not wait for the problems to come to you – apply to us and our lawyer will protect your rights.

Civil cases

A conflict with neighbours, ex-spouse, relatives or acquaintances can sometimes evolve into a global problem. Do not wait until the situation reaches rock bottom! We will help you to manage any situation, protect you and your family, tell you about your rights.


Do you want to become a private entrepreneur? Are you about to open your own firm? We will assist you with registration, describe the differences in forms of business organization and taxation to you, and teach you how to minimize your costs.

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Timely support

We are ready to help you promptly at any time. We work for you 24/7.


Deep knowledge of our lawyers will lead to a maximal result at minimum cost.

Privacy policy

We value our reputation and strictly follow professional ethics.

Transparency of the relationship

Our relationship with client is built on honesty, frankness and trust.

LF «Patriot» office in Kyiv

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+38 044 578-10-51
+38 095 940-20-20
+38 068 850-10-50
+38 093 940-20-20

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